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„Forest and water” are recreational facilities in village Iznota and Gąsior. Iznota – this is picturesque village situated in Puszcza Piska Forest and by the mouth of river Krutyń ( Krutyń goes into lake Bełdany ). Gąsior is Iznota’s hamlet. All this area is a special place, which is surrounded by water and forest. We offer you recreational facilities in Masuria, where anyone can find something for himself/herself.

Gościniec Iznota

Our Gościniec is situated in a small village Iznota, here goes through one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland – river Krutyń – and here ends its journey entering to lake Bełdany.

We offer you spacious rooms for 2, 3, 4 people, in which you can find bathroom, TV.
You can also find in Gościniec Iznota a big dining room, kitchen and the living room with the fireplace and free of charge car park.