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„Forest and water” are recreational facilities in village Iznota and Gąsior. Iznota – this is picturesque village situated in Puszcza Piska Forest and by the mouth of river Krutyń ( Krutyń goes into lake Bełdany ). Gąsior is Iznota’s hamlet. All this area is a special place, which is surrounded by water and forest. We offer you recreational facilities in Masuria, where anyone can find something for himself/herself.

House in Masuria

Our house is situated in a small village Iznota, here goes through one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland – river Krutyń – and here ends its journey entering to lake Bełdany.

The green house is located in a fenced plot surrounded by forest.

The green house is comfortable and fully equipped. You can find here bathroom with shower and kitchenette.
You can use the hall with fireplace in Gościniec.